Citric Acid

1-1 isolate to water. 15% citric acid by weight to isolate. 12 hour reflux.

Temp is going to be the boiling point of water at your altitude

This yeilds 40-50% Delta-9 THC, 40-50% Delta-8 THC


1: 14% by mass anhydrous citric acid to isolate in a short path, heated to 175c for 4 hours,
pulled vacuum down to 1000 microns to remove citric acid, distilled as normal.
yielded 50.56% D8, 22.94% D9 1.49% CBD remaining with approximately 25% unknown but according to Gobi labs there is a peak right before D8/D9 that they think is a neutral cannabanoid.

2: 10% by mass anhydrous Citric Acid to distillate, re-fluxed for 6 hours, moved distillate and Citric acid mix to short path, added 4% AC (Aquarium Masters Lab Grade Activated Carbon) short path as normal. yielded 37.97% D8, 26.87% D9, 4.18% THCv and 1.17% CBD remained.

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