Example Technique

1:1 isolate to DI water. 15% citric acid by weight to isolate. 12 hour reflux. Temp is going to be the boiling point of water at your altitude

This yeilds 40-50% Delta-9 THC, 40-50% Delta-8 THC


This was done with cannabis extract from leaf.

A few ounces were extracted with ethanol (metho) it was filtered and reduced in volume. Once it's fairly concentrated every 50ml of concentrate had 5 drops of 98% sulfuric acid were added it was gently refluxed for a few hours.

Neutralise with aqueous bicarb solution until it is above pH~7. You can tell it's there when adding bicarb solution no longer causes frothing & foaming.

Add an equal amount of toluene/xylene,shake for a minute and let it sit and seperarate. Then seperate the top layer. all the THC goes from the water/bicarb layer into the solvent layer on top.seperate this and then add a smaller amount of xylene/toluene and re-extract.this seems to be a good way of getting the THC/CBD out without any of the sugars, chlorophyll and other crap that gets extracted in the alcohol.

Evaporate the xylene/toluene which leaves a fairly high quality oil. I'ts like an a/b extraction. This oil is definitely improved from what it would have been without the isomerisation.


From Summit Research:

⦁ Boiled a solution of absolute (200 proof) acidified ethanol with compound.
⦁ Gaoni and Mechoulam combined 3.0g compound with 100ml (78.9g) absolute ethanol containing 0.05% HCl (hydrochloric acid).
⦁ The solution was boiled for 18 hours.
⦁ Poured solution into water, extracted with ether.
⦁ They poured the boiled solution into water, added ether, and pulled the compounds into the ether layer.
⦁ Washed solution with water, dried, and evaporated ether.
⦁ G&M then washed the ether solution with water.
⦁ They dried the solution with sodium sulfate (Na2SO4).
⦁ The ether was then evaporated.
⦁ Eluted compounds via chromatography.
⦁ Various compounds and other chemical compounds were removed through chromatographic methods.

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