Optical Rotation

Something that has not been mentioned and should be here is how to tell when your reactions are finished and what kind of yeild of d8 or d9 you have.

the answer lies in two properties first is the beams test made of a 5% koh to 95% ethanol mix.
beams will turn blue/purple if there is any CBD in the mixture

the next is optical rotation

THC delta 9 is in the range of 152 too 160 degrees

THC delta 8 is in the range of 254 too 268 degrees

Polarimeter With RaspberryPi

An Inexpensive Homemade Polarimeter for Demonstration Use in the Classroom

the closer your optical rotation is to either side of the measurements the more of the isomer of
THC you have.

it would seem that on review of the article posted that it not only explains the manufacture
of the cheap instrument but also how to use it :).

for testing cbd via beams and other diy tests this is a great link

In Home and DIY Testing your Cannabis for THC and CBD Potency

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